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Anna Locke condenses years of her own hands-on experience to walk you through all the skills and techniques you need to design and plant a delicious, useful and thriving garden in both town and country that is also a haven for wildlife as well as for humans.

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“A fascinating and informative book with ravishing photographs and careful instructions; this is how the natural world can help us to look fabulous and be philosophical all at once.”

Meet the Authors: Stephanie Hafferty

Stephanie shares how to cook delicious meals and make drinks, cleaning and self care products from fresh, organic, homegrown ingredients.

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Wade Muggleton

Wade Muggleton has been interested in permaculture for over 30 years, having travelled in Australia and New Zealand in the 1990s where the concept originated. He has subsequently been a college lecturer and a countryside officer in local government. He lives in Shropshire with his partner and two children, where their plot, Station Road Permaculture Garden, has been a demonstration site for permaculture as well as open under the National Open Gardens Scheme. In 2013, he acquired a field which allowed his orchard ambitions to expand. He now has a collection of over one hundred and thirty varieties of fruit trees and was featured on BBC Gardeners World in 2018. He has written for Permaculture magazine for many years and regularly teaches, gives talks and runs training sessions on a wide range of orchard subjects.

Books by Wade

The Orchard Book

Wade Muggleton has distilled 20 years of orchard know-how into this practical handbook to help you plan, plant and manage your orchard, whatever your garden size or budget. With his expert guidance you can have an orchard on any plot – smallholding, garden, allotment or yard – and make the right choices of rootstock, varieties, planting plan and maintenance strategies.


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Anna Locke

Anna Locke was brought up in cities, and her journey into a deep love of plants began with a herbal medicine degree. She became fascinated by all of the plant names and the huge body of knowledge about their uses. She was enchanted by the Doctrine of Signatures, by all the poetry, folklore and beliefs about our plants. In 2000 she trained in gardening. Anna spent many years working as a community gardener in North London, designing gardens, planting fruit trees and teaching about many aspects of food growing. Since achieving the Permaculture Teacher’s Diploma in 2016, she runs workshops in person and online and helps develop a variety of local projects, such as restoring meadows and strengthening food networks.

She increasingly sees the significance of the home garden and community garden within the bigger picture of local food, forming part of a more updated and relevant way to organise food generally. Whilst on her private and community gardening journey, Anna has concluded, and firmly believes, that planting a forager’s garden at home is about the easiest and most enjoyable way to grow food. She hopes you will agree.

Books by Anna

The Forager’s Garden

Anna’s The Forager’s Garden shows you one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to grow and harvest food while creating a beautiful and harmonious garden for wildlife and health.


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Alan Carter

Alan Carter studied forestry and has worked variously in forestry, gardening, conservation and greenspace management. He has been writing and teaching about forest gardening since 2011, having spent many years experimenting with it on his allotment in Aberdeen. Books by read more

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