Permanent Publications empowers its readers to build upon what has been learned, to go out and ‘do’,  to endlessly create with the land

Permanent Publications is an ever growing collection of work that has documented the knowledge of the past and will be here to document the knowledge of our present and future land stewards


Established in 1990, Permanent Publications publishes inspiring, practical information that encourages people to live more healthier, more self-reliant and ecologically sound ways of life.

We produce the world’s most innovative range of permaculture books, including titles that instruct on: sustainability, practical solutions for the home, garden & community, education, politics, economy, woodlands, food and cooking, and people. The range includes introductory level texts alongside groundbreaking and world leading titles by Ben Law, Looby Macnamara, Patrick Whitefield, Mark Boyle, Maddy Harland, Sepp Holzer, Rosemary Morrow, Martin Crawford, Charles Dowding and Stephen Barstow.

We have won many awards including a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for our “unfettered dedication to promoting sustainable development internationally”.

We also publish Permaculture magazine, a print and digital magazine read worldwide.

Our Permaculture Family