Translations & Overseas Rights

We want permaculture to grow and spread around the world and for more people to discover it and have access to it. This is why we publish books about permaculture, as well as Permaculture magazine quarterly, and why we populate its website with further inspiring stories, films and examples of what permaculture is offering.

One of the ways we can help permaculture to reach people is to make our books available for translation into other languages, or for publication in the English language under license in other countries. We welcome enquiries from publishers and groups in all countries around the world and we will make it as easy and quick as possible to make these texts available. The basic key points we need to achieve are:

  1. If you are an established publisher we know you will know what to do and we would love to hear from you.
  2. If you are a group from a smaller country please don’t be put off contacting us, we would like to work with you, if at all possible. But please be ready to fund all translation, production and marketing costs or, preferably, to source a publisher in your country who can help (we recommend print runs of 1,000+ copies) and pay for all the translation, print and marketing costs.
  3. As well as having a translator who is completely fluent in both languages, please make certain they also have a very good understanding of permaculture.
  4. An advance payment on signing of an agreement and six monthly accounting is normal practice in publishing for both print and ebooks. We can work out smaller deals on a bespoke basis for smaller groups and print runs, but we always keep negotiations friendly, direct and as brief as possible.
  5. We have all the text, illustrations and photographs etc. available for each of our books, which can be sent to you electronically on signing of an agreement.

For an example of one of our standard contracts please click the link below:

For further details regarding all translation and foreign rights enquiries please email [email protected]