Is recycling really the answer to household waste? How do we eliminate microplastics from our wastewater? How do we avoid consumer goods that are designed to break? How do we stop the oceans being trashed? Towards Zero Waste offers practical tools for change in your own kitchen, on your weekly shop and around your home, as well as in the wider world.

Féidhlim Harty explores how and why we need to go zero waste, firstly looking at where waste currently goes, and revealing the hidden world of food and product miles and embodied energy. He shares how to reduce waste room by room, at events, parties, during our travels, and at work.

Having minimised waste for over two decade, Féidhlim and his family share their clever ideas to eliminate junk, buy wisely, free yourself from useless packaging, reduce not only your eco footprint but your household bills, compost all biodegradables, and reuse, repair and reroute. They share five simple steps to zero waste and inspires us to be active and push for change.

There is a hunger now within society to address the root causes of plastic waste, right back to the point of oil and gas extraction. People want no part in adding to plastics in the oceans or spreading microplastics into our water, soils and food. Nor do they want to be subjected to the cynical betrayal of consumer built-in obsolescence. Patience with government policy and corporate greenwashing is wearing thin. Towards Zero Waste offers practical tools for change in your own kitchen, on your weekly shop and around your home, as well as in the wider world. It offers clear guidance for anyone wanting to actively be part of the solutions and not the problems in the world.

“Towards Zero Waste is my new bible! Whether you’ve just started your journey to living with less plastic or have been a zero-waste geek for years, this book is a treasure. Packed full of well-researched and well-lived advice it’s taught me new things, honed my commitment and – most importantly – inspired me to act!” Natalie Fee, author of ‘How to Save the World for Free’ and founder of City to Sea

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Published: October 2019

ISBN: 978 1 85623 328 6

Size: 210 x 148mm

Format: Paperback, 176pp


Féidhlim Harty is director of FH Wetland Systems Ltd. environmental consultancy, based in Ennis, Co. Clare. FH Wetland Systems specialises in designing and planting constructed wetlands, reed beds, zero discharge willow facilities and other natural sewage treatment systems. He also designs and advises on storm water wetland design, wetland habitat creation and consultancy and other areas of environmental protection and enhancement. He has had an active input in the EPA Code of Practice , particularly on constructed wetland design sizing and maintenance sections. He also delivers workshops and seminars on natural wastewater treatment systems for engineers, architects, local authorities and site assessors, as well as the general public.

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