In an era where 40 percent of global food system emissions originate from agriculture, the imperative for a swift transition to an organic, highly productive, and carbon-sequestering approach is undeniable. World renowned permaculture expert, Ross Mars, adeptly unravels the principles and practices of regenerative agriculture, providing readers with an accessible yet comprehensive roadmap to grasp the core of this groundbreaking approach. Tailored for a diverse audience, it caters to farmers, agricultural practitioners, and anyone engaged or interested in the agricultural realm. The book serves as a guide for those seeking a profound understanding of regenerative design principles, offering practical insights and techniques to implement sustainable methodologies on the farm.

From delving into the intricacies of soil health to exploring the strategic integration of flora within regenerative systems, Mars leads readers through an enlightening journey that highlights the interconnectedness of all living elements in a regenerative ecosystem. He considers both animal-free approaches and the potential benefits of including animals on the farm.

The Basics of Regenerative Agriculture, features a foreword by Emeritus Professor Stuart B. Hill. It acts as a compass for those dedicated to fostering regenerative design not only in agriculture but also extending its impact to broader realms of sustainable living. This is more than a book; it’s a dynamic call to action and a guidebook for reconnecting with the land. It instils hope for a future where regenerative design becomes the healing force the Earth needs, leaving behind a flourishing legacy for generations to come.

Trying to capture both the fundamental essence and fringe nuances of regenerative agriculture in one volume is a Herculean task, but Ross Mars nails it in this fast-paced yet detailed book. From soil to family, he addresses the metes and bounds of a healing agriculture; what a joy to see this much heart compressed in such a readable, lively package.
Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm and Editor of The Stockman Grass Farmer


Book Details

Published: February 2024

ISBN: 9781856232739

Size: 240 x 170mm

Format: Paperback


Ross Mars is a highly regarded permaculture teacher, designer and consultant.