A highly detailed and beautifully illustrated guide to growing nutritious herbs, flowers, fruit and vegetables, ideal for the home grower and market gardener.

Perrine and Charles Hervé-Gruyer have designed a small farm in Normandy that is so productive, it provides a living for five people whilst cultivating just a small percentage of the land, and rewilding the rest. In Volume 1 of Living with the Earth, they describe the overarching principles and influences of ecology and permaculture, and share how they work with Nature to create highly productive systems.

Volume 2 of this comprehensive series dives deep into the details. Subjects include:

* growing methods

* seeding & soil preparation

* plant densities and replicable crop associations

* tools, irrigation and harvesting

* growing year-round

* vegetables, fruit, microgreens, flowers, mushrooms, tree crops and forest gardens.

Beautifully designed and full of useful, descriptive photographs, diagrams and charts, this manual provides a wealth of research and practical experience. These volumes are ground-breaking, with principles and practices that can be used on any scale. They are, however, of particular interest to small to medium scale farmers, horticulturists, forest gardeners, agronomists and market gardeners.


Book Details

Published: April 2024

ISBN: 9781856232692

Size: 297 x 210mm

Format: Paperback


Perrine and Charles set up world-famous Bec de Hellouin Farm.