Perrine Hervé-Gruyer pursued a career as a lawyer in Asia before devoting herself to psychotherapy. She is now a farmer.

An educator by training, Charles Hervé-Gruyer travelled the globe aboard the training sailboat ‘Fleur de Lampaul’ for 22 years. He is the author of several books.

Perrine and Charles became certified permaculture teachers in 2013.

Books by Perrine and Charles

Living with the Earth: volume two

In Volume 2, Perrine and Charles Hervé-Gruyer dive deep into the detail in a comprehensive manual of growing fruit and vegetables on a small farm and market garden scale. Subjects include:

* growing methods
* soil preparation
* plant densities and crop associations
* irrigation and harvesting
* growing year-round
* vegetables, micro greens, tree crops and forest gardens


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Living with the Earth: volume one

This beautifully illustrated, comprehensive volume will show you how natural systems work, and discover many simple and effective techniques that create an ecological diverse garden or a highly productive farm. The in-depth section on ‘Nature’s School’ explains weather patterns, soil types, and ecosystem services to give the reader sound knowledge of the environment they are growing in. The section on ‘Designing a Farm’ provides everything needed to implement an abundant food system, from understanding permaculture and its design tools, the full design process and the designs used on Bec Hellouin as a successful example. Additional chapters on composting, mulching, fertilisers, green manures and working with beneficial microorganisms offers the reader a selection of tools for creating healthy soil in a closed loop system.


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Other Authors

Other Authors