William Keepin

William Keepin, PhD, is a mathematical physicist with thirty scientific publications on sustainable energy and global warming, who became a whistleblower in nuclear science policy.

William co-founded of the Satyana Institute and is founder of the Gender Reconciliation International project (www.GRworld.org).He is also a Fellow of the Findhorn Foundation and adjunct faculty at Holy Names University.

William has trained extensively in spiritual traditions, East and West. He leads contemplative retreats on the emerging interspirituality that bridges major world religions and science.

William is author of Divine Duality: The Power of Reconciliation Between Women and Men (2007) and (with co-author Cynthia Brix) Women Healing Women (2009).

Books by William

The Song of the Earth

The Song of the Earth is the attempt to create an integral picture. It is the call to explore the marvellous web of life on our planet. It asks that we consciously design gentle, sustainable lifestyles and communities that honour diversity in all forms.


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