Thomas Henfrey

Dr. Thomas Henfrey is Senior Researcher at the Schumacher Institute and Research Fellow in the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Change (cE3c) at Lisbon University.

Tom co-founded an ecovillage in Southern Spain, holds a permaculture design certificate, and actively collaborates on research and learning with Transition Network and the Permaculture Association (Britain).

Books by Dr. Thomas Henfrey

Resilience, Community Action and Societal TransformationResilience Front Cover RGB

A unique collection bridging research, theory and practical action to create more resilient societies.

Includes accounts from people and organisations at the front line of efforts to build community resilience, cutting edge theory and analysis fro
m engaged scholar-activists, and commentary from sympathetic researchers.


PC-and-Climate-ChangePermaculture and Climate Change Adaptation

Permaculture is a design system for sustainable human habitats and basis of a worldwide citizen-led movement present in over 100 countries. For decades, permaculture practitioners have devised creative responses to changes in local climatic conditions. In doing so, they have developed a collective knowledge and experience invaluable to global efforts to address climate change.