Are you wondering which productive trees to plant in your garden? Or are you planning a forest garden?

Perhaps you are planting an orchard but want a greater diversity of useful trees than is common? Or do you want to know what unusual fruit trees you can use? The answers to all these questions can be found here.

Martin Crawford has researched and experimented with tree crops for 25 years and has selected over 100 of the best trees producing fruits, nuts, edible leaves and other useful products that can be grown in Europe and North America.

Each of the trees or tree groups include details of:

• Origin and history
• Description and uses
• Varieties/Cultivars
• Cultivation, pests and diseases
• Related species
• European and North American suppliers
• Colour photos accompany every entry.

The appendices makes choosing trees for your situation easy, with lists of suitable trees for specific situations plus flow charts to guide you. If you want to know about and use the large diversity of tree crops that are available in temperate and continental climates, then this book is both fascinating and essential reading by an internationally acknowledged expert.

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Book Details

Published: April 2015

ISBN: 978 1 85623 216 6

Size: 275 x 222mm

Format: Paperback. 246pp. Over 180 colour photographs throughout and 65 tables.


After several years working in organic agriculture and horticulture, Martin Crawford founded the Agroforestry Research Trust in 1992. Since then he has focused on researching and growing perennial food systems including forest gardens and orchards of nut trees and uncommon fruits. He runs the nursery at ART which propagates and sells many different tree and perennial plants and is the author of many popular books and papers.

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