Packed full of photos, this useful guide will help you grow your own fruit and vegetables, and then turn your produce into delicious, no-fuss vegan meals that are healthy for you and the planet.

Grow your own fruit and vegetables, herbs, salads and sprouts, and then turn your produce into delicious, no-fuss vegan meals that are healthy for you and the planet. Father and daughter team, Piers Warren and Ella Bee Glendining, share successful growing techniques and seasonal recipes, plus years of experience of animal-free, healthy living. They show you how to:

* Grow your own food
* Garden without animal products
* Grow more challenging but delicious crops
* Produce food all year with practical growing techniques
* Store any excess to keep you going through the leaner months
* Cook your produce with a selection of satisfying and delicious recipes.

Discover the fun and huge sense of satisfaction that comes from cooking something you have produced yourself. Grow and eat for a more ethical, healthy and sustainable world!

“The title of this lovely book really says it all: but what it cannot convey is the sheer joy of learning so much about the beautiful vegan cuisine available to us, and how easy it is to make sensational dishes which will delight everyone eager to eat well and healthily. At once scholarly and entertaining, it is gloriously illustrated and the recipes are easy-peasy to follow. It’s for everyone who wants the world to be a better place for animals, for plants and for us. Delicious in every way.”
Joanna Lumley (actress and activist)

“If you have a small plot, this is for you, if you have a balcony, this is for you, if you have a window box, this is for you, and if all you have is hope, this is for you… After reading this brilliant book something strange came over me, I just wanted to eat it. It’s that good.”
Benjamin Zephaniah (poet, writer and musician)

“I LOVE this book! As a nutritionist I’d been thinking for a while that I’d like to learn more about how food is produced. As a vegan I was pondering the conundrum of how, if I was to grow my own, I would keep pests at bay and also be in harmony with the planet? And then this landed in my inbox! A real treatise on the subject of permaculture.”
Paul Kerton (YouTuber, Hench Herbivore)

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Published :March 2017


Size:246mm x 189mm

Format:Paperback, 256pp. Colour photographs throughout.


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