The permaculture classic that launched a new movement in edible, wildlife-friendly gardening!

The Permaculture Garden shows you how to transform a yard or even the smallest space into a highly productive garden that works in harmony with nature. Learn how to:
* Plan your garden layout for easy access and minimum labour
* Save energy on unnecessary chores like digging and weeding with techniques like mulching and growing ground covers
* Save money by using upcycled containers to create a beautiful space
* Use successional cropping to produce year-round harvests and build healthy soil
* Choose the best plants for different sites and enjoy the benefits of plant communities
* Reduce your impact by saving energy and harvesting water
* Discourage pests and diseases without using chemicals.

Gardening expert and world-class permaculture teacher, Graham Bell, offers a wealth of practical advice including planning a garden from a bare plot, designing raised beds, creating ponds and streams, building terraces on slopes, constructing greenhouses and providing special areas for children or animals.

Whether you are looking for just a few improvements or the beginnings of self-sufficiency, you can become a positive changemaker in your own back yard with this lively, practical guide.

Features include:

  • Great introductory text for gardeners wishing to explore permaculture in their own spaces;
  • How to plan your garden layout for easy access and minimum labour;
  • Saving yourself unnecessary chores – even digging and weeding;
  • Finding out how to save money by creating a beautiful garden in recycled containers; and
  • How to discourage pests and diseases-without using chemicals

“A thought-provoking, informative, often entertaining book, filled with achievable ideas. This encourages you to see your garden as a whole and to mould its design around its unique features, and your own needs. Find out how to reduce your workload, save time and effort digging and weeding, site a greenhouse, harvest and use water well, build your soil, use space wisely, and grow food without using chemicals.”
Kitchen Garden Magazine

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Book Details

Published: 2nd edition published 2004 (first published 1994)

ISBN: 978 1 85623 027 8

Size: 214mm x 156mm

Format: Paperback, 170pp. 65 line illustrations


Graham Bell is an internationally renowned speaker, teacher and writer on Permaculture and a range of allied topics. He lives with his wife Nancy in Britain’s longest surviving intentional food forest at Garden Cottage. The above video of this legendary site is part of the Living with the Land series:

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