A simple guide for living a more sustainable lifestyle, Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture illustrates how to assess and design a permaculture garden of any size, whether you live in a small city apartment; a house with a garden; on acreage in the country; or anything between or beyond!

The principle for permaculture is simple: provide back to the earth what we take from it to create a sustainable environment. The three principle aims are: Care of people; Care of the earth; and Reduce consumption and distribute surplus.

This completely revised and updated edition of Rosemary Morrow’s highly successful Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture is a straight-forward manual of practical permaculture, emphasising design science.

Included in this new edition are chapters on seed-saving, integrated pest management, information about domestic as well as rural water usage, a non-destructive approach towards dealing with weeks and wildlife, and designing to withstand a disaster.  Chapter 19: Permaculture at the office, shop and factory, demonstrates how permaculture goes beyond the garden to how we live our lives at work, and how and what we procure to meet our needs and desires.

Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture is suitable for beginners as well as experienced permaculture practitioners looking for new ideas for moving towards greater self-reliance and sustainable living.

“I bought the [original version of] Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture way back in 1994, and I fondly remember hours spent pouring over its clearly written text, colour photos and the wealth of clear, simple yet beautiful diagrams and illustrations that made the book a visual treat. Morrow communicates the essence of permaculture ethics, principles and design with enthusiasm, translating Holmgren and Mollison’s heady but rather theoretical concepts to an accessible ‘here’s how to do it’ approach. Receiving this new edition was therefore like having a visit from an old friend, being able to spend a good few hours reminiscing and once again sharing their wisdom and inspiration. This is a book that has changed my life.”
Graham Burnett, author and illustrator of Permaculture: A Beginners Guide

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Book Details

Published: 2nd edition published 2006

ISBN: 978 1 85623 051 3

Size: 275mm x 210mm

Format: Paperback, 288pp. 22 colour photographs; hundreds of line drawing


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