This book will teach you everything you need to know about feeding your garden, orchard or smallholding with homemade and chemical-free ‘teas’.

It is packed with recipes for creating nutrient-rich, healthy soil, to give you healthy plants and ecosystems.

Author, Eric Fisher, provides an in depth history of organic agriculture and the rise in chemical inputs. He then goes on to explore the importance of nutrients, their cycles and the structure of soil. This enables the reader to truly understand their soil and own ecosystem, so they can manage it properly.

Once we understand how soil and nutrients work, it is easier to diagnose the problems and find a natural remedy. Eric provides recipes for a wide range of compost teas that can remedy many different problems, as well as for natural pesticides and insecticides. Eric shows the reader how to use the plants growing around them to create these ‘teas’, using aerobic and anaerobic processes, as well as how to grow specific plants to encourage beneficial insects for healthy ecosystems.

Eric’s aim is for growers to feel confident in diagnosing plant disease and pest problems, and then be able to create the right remedy for the problem. If we can care for the health of our plants and soil without using chemicals, we can save money, encourage others to do the same, and show agri-business that their chemical inputs are not necessary.

“This book is a dual gem: full of practical applications for organic growers seeking to develop their skills with compost teas, whilst at the same time, scientifically grounded so that it offers a broader perspective looking to shape a better approach to human food production without synthetic chemicals.”
Dr Colin Trier, Environmental Scientist and Cider producer

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Book Details

Publish: April 2019

ISBN: 978 1 85623 327 9

Size: 240 x 170mm

Format: Paperback, 256pp


Eric Fisher Msc Bsc (Hons) was born in North Yorkshire, has a degree in Environmental Science from Plymouth University and a masters in Technology from Cranfield University. He owns a small permaculture orchard where he practices cider making and worm farming. He has an interest in trading cryptocurrencies and a love of being outdoors in nature.

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