Martin Crawford

After several years working in organic agriculture and horticulture, Martin Crawford founded the Agroforestry Research Trust in 1992. Since then he has focused on researching and growing perennial food systems including forest gardens and orchards of nut trees and uncommon fruits. He runs the nursery at ART which propagates and sells many different tree and perennial plants and is the author of many popular books and papers.

Books by Martin

Shrubs for Gardens, Agroforestry and Permaculture

Learn about the incredible range of useful shrubs for many different situations, large and small. World renowned expert, Martin Crawford, includes common fruit bushes like currants and gooseberries, and many other less-known shrubs with edible fruits, nuts, leaves, or other parts.

He takes us on a journey into the world of exotic spice trees, shrubs with medicinal parts, and plants that fix nitrogen to help fertilise other plants. All these can be grown in temperate climates, diversifying our diets, enabling us to design beautiful, productive gardens, as well as showing us how we can integrate agroforestry into our smallholdings and farms to create new income streams.


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Trees-For-GardensTrees for Gardens, Orchards and Permaculture

Martin has selected over 100 trees and groups with edible fruits, nuts and leaves that can be grown in the Europe and North America. From their origins and histories, varieties and cultivars to their related species, their uses and suppliers.


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