Ken Fern

Ken Fern has always been a plant enthusiast. Over the years he has experimented with, and compiled information on, a huge number of useful, unusual plants. With an increasing concern for the state of agriculture and the health of our planet, Ken decided to ‘downshift’ from his job as a bus driver for London Transport in the early 1990s and move to Cornwall to establish the pioneering charity, Plants For A Future. With the help of Ken’s vast experience and encyclopaedic knowledge, Plants For A Future have now been trialing over 2,000 unusual species which are edible or have other uses, with a further 7,000 compiled on their database. This is exciting and pioneering work has important implications to the way in which we look at producing food, both in our gardens and agriculturally.

Books by Ken

Plants for a Future 2016Plants for A Future

Plants for A Future specifically focuses on edible species, suggesting a wide variety of easily grown perennials and self-seeding annuals which produce delicious and healthy food. It is hoped that Plants for A Future will stimulate interest in these plants; help us increase the range of foods in our diet; and encourage experimentation with well known and unfamiliar species.

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