Jeff Nugent

Jeff Nugent was born in Perth, Western Australia and moved to Nannup in 1975, where he set up the Sustainable Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) in 1982. SARI is a small, non-government, non-profit organisation dedicated to working toward sustainable human existence based on a 30 hectare property. One of the projects at SARI is establishing a gene-pool of useful species relevant to various climatic conditions; including the Mediterranean regions, the temperate regions and the highland tropics. Jeff has edited 3 audio sets of Bill Mollison (totalling more than 70 hours), and has written 3 books: Permaculture Plants: A Selection; Permaculture Plants, Agaves and cacti; and Permaculture Plants, Palms and Ferns. Jeff holds a degree in permaculture and teaches courses, both from SARI and away.

Books by Jeff

Permaculture Plants: A Selection

Permaculture Plants: A Selection is indispensable for growers and designers working in sub-tropical and warm temperate/arid climates, and also includes some cool climate tolerant species. Indexed extensively to facilitate cross-referencing, this book details hundreds of common and unusual edible, medicinal and useful plants.


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