E. Christopher Mare

E. Christopher Mare took a Permaculture Design Course in 1993 and has been a full time student ever since. Chris developed his own B.A. programme as the world’s first effort at organising the emerging discipline of Ecovillage Design into a formal degree. Two Masters degrees later, he is currently preparing for his doctoral dissertation through Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara. In 2002, Mare set up an educational non-profit organisation – Village Design Institute – which will one day secure a land base for the establishment of 1) a research, training, and demonstration site; 2) an Academy of Village Design; and 3) a community of contemplative scholars. This project will most likely be called an ‘ecovillage.’

Books by Christopher

Designing Ecological Habitats

Designing Ecological Habitats is an anthology of work by writers who have created, built, lived in and thrived in eco-developments, and addresses green building; food resources; appropriate technology; and restoring nature.


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