Wade Muggleton

Wade Muggleton has been interested in permaculture for over 30 years, having travelled in Australia and New Zealand in the 1990s where the concept originated. He has subsequently been a college lecturer and a countryside officer in local government. He lives in Shropshire with his partner and two children, where their plot, Station Road Permaculture Garden, has been a demonstration site for permaculture as well as open under the National Open Gardens Scheme. In 2013, he acquired a field which allowed his orchard ambitions to expand. He now has a collection of over one hundred and thirty varieties of fruit trees and was featured on BBC Gardeners World in 2018. He has written for Permaculture magazine for many years and regularly teaches, gives talks and runs training sessions on a wide range of orchard subjects.

Books by Wade

The Orchard Book

Wade Muggleton has distilled 20 years of orchard know-how into this practical handbook to help you plan, plant and manage your orchard, whatever your garden size or budget. With his expert guidance you can have an orchard on any plot – smallholding, garden, allotment or yard – and make the right choices of rootstock, varieties, planting plan and maintenance strategies.


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Anna Locke

Anna Locke was brought up in cities, and her journey into a deep love of plants began with a herbal medicine degree. She became fascinated by all of the plant names and the huge body of knowledge about their uses. She was enchanted by the Doctrine of Signatures, by all the poetry, folklore and beliefs about our plants. In 2000 she trained in gardening. Anna spent many years working as a community gardener in North London, designing gardens, planting fruit trees and teaching about many aspects of food growing. Since achieving the Permaculture Teacher’s Diploma in 2016, she runs workshops in person and online and helps develop a variety of local projects, such as restoring meadows and strengthening food networks.

She increasingly sees the significance of the home garden and community garden within the bigger picture of local food, forming part of a more updated and relevant way to organise food generally. Whilst on her private and community gardening journey, Anna has concluded, and firmly believes, that planting a forager’s garden at home is about the easiest and most enjoyable way to grow food. She hopes you will agree.

Books by Anna

The Forager’s Garden

Anna’s The Forager’s Garden shows you one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to grow and harvest food while creating a beautiful and harmonious garden for wildlife and health.


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Alan Carter

Alan Carter studied forestry and has worked variously in forestry, gardening, conservation and greenspace management. He has been writing and teaching about forest gardening since 2011, having spent many years experimenting with it on his allotment in Aberdeen. Books by read more

Liz Zorab

Liz Zorab spent more than 20 years working with specialist housing charities and in community development, including setting up the first time bank project in the UK. An award-winning gardener, she gained an RHS Silver Medal for a community-led garden featured on BBC’s read more

Maren Termens

Maren Termens has been living in her own straw house since 2009 with her partner Raimon and daughter Violeta. She studied Technical Architecture (building engineering) in Barcelona and after several years of research found her way to straw bale building. After attending read more

Rikki Nitzkin

Rikki Nitzkin is the founder of Taller con Co (‘Co’ Workshop in English). Rikki is a professional builder of straw walls and earthen plasters, presently teaching straw bale building and earthen finishes in both practical workshops and online, for self-builde read more

Anne Stobart

Anne Stobart is a medical herbalist and herb grower based in Devon, UK. Anne remembers an early interest in plants, and she was delighted to be given books about herbs when she was young. She went on to a career in teaching and management posts in adult, further and hig read more

Jasmine Dale

Jasmine’s permaculture journey began at Crystal Waters ecovillage in 1999, where she discovered the power of creative learning and practical solutions for the challenges of our times. Motivated by living simply and respect for nature, she and her husband Simon lat read more

Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher Msc Bsc (Hons) was born in North Yorkshire, has a degree in Environmental Science from Plymouth University and a masters in Technology from Cranfield University. He owns a small permaculture orchard where he practices cider making and worm farming. He has an read more

Vera Greutink

Vera Greutink is a permaculture gardener, teacher and designer based in the Netherlands. She’s been gardening for over 30 years during which she has created many beautiful and productive gardens. Vera regularly contributes to Dutch and Belgian gardening magazines as wel read more

Laura Pardoe

Laura Pardoe has been gathering, growing and learning about plants for over 20 years and using them in making skincare for over 10 years. She trained in developing and formulating skincare products and runs award winning Field Fresh Skincare. Laura has an MA from the Un read more

Maddy Harland

Maddy Harland was born and grew up in London in the Sixties, the youngest of four and the only girl. Her brothers taught her the Blues, rock ‘n’ roll and fishing; her father, drive and optimism; and her mother, a love of Nature. She was educated at Quaker boarding schoo read more

Stephanie Hafferty

Stephanie Hafferty is an award winning author, organic no dig kitchen gardener, writer and chef, specialising in seasonal plant based food. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of growing and cooking to feed families and communities. Stephanie regularly writes read more

Tomas Remiarz

Tomas Remiarz has been involved in creating and maintaining forest gardens across the UK and Europe for nearly 20 years. He is currently involved in a sustainable rural housing project project on a 7-acre site in Herefordshire. As a founder member of the Permaculture As read more

Charles Dowding

Charles is a pioneer of organic and no dig growing since 1983, creating and cropping four market gardens, the largest of seven acres. His no dig method is being trialled and used by the RHS, National Trust gardeners and Kew Gardens London. He has written nine books, inc read more

Stefan Geyer

Intermittent beekeeper, occasional artist and erstwhile Shiatsu practitioner, Stefan is also an irreverent Permaculture teacher, avid mycophile and born-again hotelier ( He co-founded the London Permaculture Festival and the London Permaculture Networ read more

Féidhlim Harty

Féidhlim Harty is director of FH Wetland Systems Ltd. environmental consultancy, based in Ennis, Co. Clare. FH Wetland Systems specialises in designing and planting constructed wetlands, reed beds, zero discharge willow facilities and other natural sewage treatment syst read more

Janet Millington

Janet, co-author of Outdoor Classrooms, is an educationalist, author and researcher with a long background in Community Development and Permaculture Education. She has vast practical experience in course design and teaching at all levels including teacher training. Jane read more

Carolyn Nuttal

Carolyn Nuttall, co-author of Outdoor Classrooms, is a graduate of the University of Queensland, a trained teacher and a student of permaculture. She is a pioneer in garden-based learning. Since 1992, when the children in her class made a small vegetable garden in the g read more

Thomas Henfrey

Dr. Thomas Henfrey is Senior Researcher at the Schumacher Institute and Research Fellow in the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Change (cE3c) at Lisbon University. Tom co-founded an ecovillage in Southern Spain, holds a permaculture design certificate, an read more

Gil Penha-Lopes

Dr. Gil Penha-Lopes (above right), an environmental scientist, is an Invited Professor in the Science Faculty at Lisbon University and Senior Researcher at the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Change (cE3c). He coordinates Lisbon University’s involvement read more

Martin Crawford

After several years working in organic agriculture and horticulture, Martin Crawford founded the Agroforestry Research Trust in 1992. Since then he has focused on researching and growing perennial food systems including forest gardens and orchards of nut trees and uncom read more

Helen Moore

GREENSPIN: a videopoem from Frome Media Arts on Vimeo. Helen Moore is an award-winning ecopoet and socially engaged artist based in NE Scotland, and has an MA (with distinction) in Comparative and General Literature from Edinburgh University. Her debut poetry collection read more

Graham Burnett

Graham Burnett, author of Permaculture: A Beginner’s Guide and The Vegan Book of Permaculture, lives with his wife Debby and four children in Westcliff on Sea. He teaches and runs permaculture courses in North London through Naturewise and in West Essex read more

Mick Collins

Mick Collins has had an interesting career after he left school at 15 years of age with no formal educational qualifications. For many years his working life was focused on manual work, which including working as a builder’s labourer, infantryman, and heavy goods truck read more

Howard Johns

In 2002, Howard Johns founded Southern Solar which grew into one of the largest solar companies in the south of the UK. He served as chairman of the Solar Trade Association for five years, representing the industry in the media, as well as in parliamentary hearings and read more

Fransisco Van Der Hoff

Better, known in Latin America as “Francisco”, comparisons to Gandhi do not seem far-fetched. (more…)

Stephen Barstow

Stephen Barstow has devoted 30 years to trialling the world’s perennial vegetables. (more…)

Anni Kelsey

Anni Kelsey has been passionate about gardening and the natural world for as long as she can remember. As her concerns about the unsustainability of our present food system grew she began to ‘edibilise’ her garden aiming to find a way of growing food that required as li read more

Will Rolls

Will Rolls spends a lot of time dealing with things relating to trees, fire and sustainability (not necessarily in that order). He started out studying forestry at university, and then branched out into related subjects such a social forestry and biomass fuels. He lives read more

Glennie Kindred

Glennie Kindred is the author of eleven books on Earth wisdom, native plants and trees and celebrating... read more

Mark Boyle

In 2008, Mark Boyle became The Moneyless Man - setting out to live completely without money for 12 months... read more

Michael Guerra

Michael Guerra is an author, design engineer, permaculture designer and sustainability consultant.... read more

Ben Law

Ben Law has always had a passion for healthy, biodiverse farms and woodlands... read more


Aranya has been experimenting with permaculture since his design course epiphany in 1996... read more

Looby Macnamara

Looby is a teacher of permaculture and partner of a leading teaching and consultancy venture... read more

Sepp Holzer

Sepp Holzer is a high altitude farmer in Austria, and an international consultant for natural agriculture... read more

Michel Daniek

Practical by nature, Michel became an industrial mechanic but soon desired an alternative lifestyle... read more

Ken Fern

In the 1990s Ken decided to move to Cornwall to establish the pioneering charity, Plants For A Future... read more

Tony Wrench

Tony lives luxuriously, well below the poverty line, working on things permacultural and wooden... read more

Graham Bell

Graham Bell is the former editor of Permaculture News and is now a freelance environmental consultant... read more

Ross Mars

Ross Mars is a well-known Western Australian educator, writer and course and workshop presenter... read more

Julian Evans

Julian owns a 30-acre wood in Hampshire and presents frequently to regulatory bodies on woodland care... read more

Jonathan Dawson

Jonathan is a researcher, author, project manager and consultant in community economic development... read more

Ross Jackson

Ross is an innovative leader in both the business and NGO worlds, and is chairman of Gaia Trust... read more

Max O. Lindegger

Max has 30 years of hands-on experience in practical, workable solutions to the challenges of sustainability... read more

E. Christopher Mare

Chris developed his own B.A. programme as the world’s first formal degree for the emerging discipline of Ecovillage Design... read more

Robin Alfred

Robin founded the Findhorn Consultancy Service, focusing on personal and organisational development... read more

William Keepin

William is a mathematical physicist with thirty publications on sustainable energy and global warming... read more

Jenny Mars

Jenny Mars is a primary school teacher with a passion for the environment, gardening and plants... read more

Jeff Nugent

Jeff Nugent set up the Sustainable Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) in Nannup in 1982... read more