Submit A Book Proposal

Submit A Book Proposal

Permanent Publications publishes books that encourage people to live more healthy, self-reliant and ecologically sound lives, suitable for a general audience. We are the world’s largest specialist permaculture publisher. Find out more about us here.

Please have a look at all the titles listed on this website to see the kinds of books we publish. We like to receive an initial letter of enquiry first before you send in sample chapters and other information about your proposal. As we receive at least one proposal or submission a week, please be patient. We may not be able to respond immediately.

We are interested in practical books about Permaculture design Permaculture gardening and farming Sustainable woodland management Woodland crafts Low impact & green building Renewable energy Agroforestry Aquaculture Earth restoration Holistic management Seasonal recipes DIY eco solutions Outdoor education

We do not publish Fiction Academic books Philosophy Polemics Regionally specific titles Children’s books

Submitting an initial letter of enquiry

Please email us a one or two page overview of your book’s subject matter, along with information about yourself and why you are the right person to write the book, to maddy [at]
If we think we might pursue your book, we will request a full proposal (see below).

Submitting a full proposal

If, following your initial enquiry, we ask for a full proposal, please include the following items in a single Word document:

  • A cover letter summarising the book
  • A preliminary table of contents
  • An expanded table of contents with one- or two-paragraph summaries of each chapter
  • Marketing research such as: a) Descriptions of other books on the same or similar topic and an explanation of why your book is different
b) Any special sales potential (organisations that might want to buy large numbers of your book; speciality catalogues or stores that don’t usually sell books but might be interested in yours; events where attendees will be interested in your book)
  • Your target audience: who they are and why they will be interested in your book. Please be specific.
  • Biographical material about you: include any talks, workshops or events you are involved in
  • Two sample chapters
  • A sample of artwork or photographs you plan to use

Thank you.